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Online Craps For US Players

Craps is a famous dice rolling game known for having some of the best betting odds and a wide variety of betting strategies.  It’s no wonder so many professional gamblers choose craps as their game of choice.  We have good news!  Online craps for U.S. players is available for free and profit.  While U.S. anti-gambling laws prohibits financial institutions in the U.S. from contributing to online gambling, you can still find places to play online craps for U.S. players!

If you haven’t heard about craps and would like to know what all the hype is about craps is a multiplayer co-operative dice game.  Craps can host up to 16 players on one table.  One player is the shooter who rolls the dice where each player can bet.  After each round the dice rotate along to the next person at the table.  The game really starts up with the come out roll in which players can place bets on the Pass line and Don’t Pass Line areas of the table.  Rolling a 7 or 11 win bets for Don’t Pass Line betters and rolls of 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 win for Pass Line betters, any other roll is ‘rolling craps’ where both bets lose. 

When the first pass line bet has been won it’s known as the come out roll.  Bets on specific numbers of 4,5,6,8,9,10 become available and these bets do not lose until a 7 shows up also known as ‘craps’.  With just one losing roll number, it’s easy to see how you can have a hot winning streak when playing craps.  Top players recommend betting on the pass line for the best odds on your bets.  When a 7 is finally rolled, the game is reset and the pass line and don’t pass line bets can be made again.

While online craps for U.S. players is limited, many online casinos still let in U.S. players for free games and playing for real money.  Craps provides good cash payouts and some of the best odds that gambling has to offer, and playing online is no different.  You’ll find varying minimum bet tables and casino bonuses throughout several online casinos.  Have fun and roll dice with craps today at the comfort of your computer chair.

US States Best Online Craps For US Players USA Casino
Max Bonus
50 Rushmore Casino $2,000 Slots RTG
50 Cherry Red $2,400 RTG
50 Slots Oasis $4,000 RTG
ALL Las Vegas USA $500 RealTime Gaming
39 of 50 Vegas Casino Online $500 RealTime Gaming
ALL Slots Plus $500 RealTime Gaming
50 Sloto Cash $577 Rival
50 Superior Casino $602 Rival
50 Lion Slots $500 Rival
50 Rushmore Casino $888 RealTime Gaming








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